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step02 ectosymbiotic creature

ectosymbiotic creature

The system constitutes a symbiotic relationship between a spruce and a artificial creature. 
The creature is punctually implanted into the bole of a host-tree. It is solar powered and is dependent on its host. If the tree drys up, the machine also dies. 
Sensors constantly measure the water balance of the tree and the machine displays the values deferred via LEDs and simultaneously translates the signals in motion of itself. The color temperature of the LEDs is set at a spectrum similar to the natural daylight, enabling longer daylight periods. Because of this it helps the tree growing faster, while at the same time attracting animals in the night. 

Bit by bit the natural resin of the spruce covers the creature and makes it a physical part of itself. At the same time the resin slows down the movement of the creature until the moving part of the machine “dies”. The non moving part of the machine, the DNA, lives on as a fossil, similar to inclusions in amber.

The system should consist mainly out of two circuits: the first circuit is “robosapien” based, and translates electrical impulses into motion
The second circuit is a arduino based system, which should check the water balance of the tree via humidity sensors, control the LEDs and give the time-deferred electrical impulse to the first circuit.
Both circuits are powered independently by two or more solar-panels

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